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Compare the fees and returns of more than 60 institutions, calculate your retirement income and tax savings accurately, and benefit from personal advice from our pension specialists at any time.

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Build the future What do you dream of thanks to the 3rd pillar

At LeManhawk, we know that each individual is unique. That is why we build tailor-made pension strategies, perfectly adapted to your personal goals, which will allow you to maximize the benefits and returns of your 3rd pillar.
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The key to a successful 3rd pillar

Unlock the full potential of your 3rd pillar. We offer you the tools you need to make the right decisions and optimize your pension strategy. From the careful assessment of your needs to the careful selection of the best options available, our free service is the essential resource for a successful 3rd pillar.

Do the good choices thanks to reliable information

Access a clear and accurate overview to make the choices that best fit your needs with confidence, guided by reliable data that is accessible in a few clicks.
Accurately simulate your retirement income and tax savings thanks to the 3rd pillar
Find the most interesting for you between pillar 3a and pillar 3b and between banking and insurance
Compare the different types of investments and solutions available on the market
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Access the best 3rd pillars offers

Access the best 3rd pillar offers on the market and find the most advantageous solution for you
Compare the returns, taxation and capital of the best 3rd pillar offers on the market
By comparing different options, you can be sure to find the solution that works best for you
Benefit from the advice of specialists to maximize the benefits and the performance of your 3rd pillar

Maximize your retirement and realize your projects with the best solutions on the market

Compare the best pension solutions
Access the offers of more than 60 institutions and find the most advantageous offer
Get help from a pension specialist at any time
Remotely or at a physical appointment, an advisor is always available for you
Maximize your 3rd pillar easily from home
Increase the benefits of your 3rd pillar easily and quickly from home
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The 3rd pillar in figures


Swiss people have a 3rd pillar


This is the maximum amount of tax that a 3rd pillar can save you


This is the average pension currently received at retirement age without a 3rd pillar

What you Get with LemanHawk

An accurate calculation of your retirement income and tax savings

You will receive an accurate calculation of your pensions, which will allow you to easily make the right decisions.

A tailor-made retirement plan to guarantee you maximum income

We design a tailor-made retirement plan to guarantee you a comfortable retirement

Lifelong support from a retirement and pension specialist

By phone, video or in person, you benefit from the expertise of a lifelong advisor at any time

Access to the best offers (3rd pillars of the market)

You have access to 3rd pillar offers from more than 60 institutions, allowing you to find the most advantageous offers for you.

Serenity, time and money

Thanks to our service, you save time and ensure your financial future while sleeping soundly.

2 minutes to secure your future

Discover and understand the 3rd pillar

Easily understand how the 3rd pillar works and its benefits

Compare and choose your solutions

Compare the options and find what works best for you

Get the best 3rd pillar offers

Receive the best 3rd pillar offers on the market, selected according to your projects and needs

Launch your 3rd pillar and secure your financial future

Choose the best offer and easily launch your 3rd pillar from home

They trust us

We were amazed at the professionalism and the work provided. Customised proposals and an excellent explanation from the pension advisor.
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Julian De Pascali

I wanted to thank and congratulate Gaëtan. Professional and not intrusive approach, he was able to advise me in the best way according to my needs. I highly recommend these services. regards
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Kevin Liogier

Very good contact with Jonathan who took the time to explain to me the different strategies of the 3rd pillar and who quickly sent me a summary with various comparative tables 👍🏻
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Athalie Cand

Gaetan listened to my expectations and took the time to explain to me in detail the differences between the different plans available to me. He was very flexible when it came to my complicated schedules and adapted very well. Polite and efficient, I was fully satisfied with his services. Thanks to him!
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Adrien Martinoli

Attentive and flexible, I was able to get a third pillar offer in line with my ecological and human expectations. Everything was done very transparently and quickly.
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Jean-Pierre Lambelet

A big thank you to Gaëtan who was able to advise me in a very clear and objective way! Very professional and available to answer my questions and needs, I also felt completely free to choose the option that best suited me. I am very satisfied! Great service that is both qualitative and efficient, I highly recommend!
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Marine Heiniger

Excellent 4.7 out of 5.0
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What is the 3rd pillar?

The 3rd pillar represents the individual and optional part of the Swiss pension system. It makes it possible to build up savings for retirement with significant tax advantages. It comes in two forms: pillar 3a, linked to tax advantages, and pillar 3b, which is more flexible but with fewer tax advantages. For more details, see our dedicated article on the 3rd pillar.

Who can contribute to a 3rd pillar?

Anyone exercising a professional activity and subject to AHV in Switzerland can contribute to a 3rd pillar. This includes self-employed people, employees, and even people who are not working for profit under certain conditions. To find out more, we invite you to read our dedicated article on the conditions of eligibility for the 3rd pillar.

What are the differences between pillar 3a and pillar 3b?

Pillar 3a is a linked pension plan that offers annual tax benefits, but is subject to payment ceilings and savings can only be withdrawn under certain conditions. Pillar 3b is a free, less restrictive pension system that allows savings to be withdrawn at any time, but it offers fewer tax advantages. For a detailed comparison, please see our dedicated article or use our app.

Can I withdraw my Pillar 3a savings before retirement?

Yes, but in specific cases: buying a main home, leaving Switzerland permanently, taking up a self-employed activity or for early retirement. Refer to our article or use our app for more details

How should I choose between a 3rd pillar in banking or insurance?

The choice depends on your personal goals, risk profile, and financial situation. A banking solution is often more flexible and can offer more choice in terms of investment funds, while an insurance solution can offer additional guarantees such as coverage in the event of death or disability and solutions combining an excellent compromise between security and performance. Our application and our advisors are there to help you make the most appropriate choice.

What are the tax advantages of the 3rd pillar?

Pillar 3a contributions are deductible from your taxable income up to a certain ceiling set each year, which can significantly reduce your tax burden. Pillar 3a assets are also exempt from wealth taxes and earnings are not taxed. For more details, see our dedicated article on taxation.

How much can I contribute to pillar 3a each year?

Payment limits are adjusted periodically. For persons affiliated to a pension fund (2nd pillar), the maximum amount is generally lower than that of persons not affiliated. Consult our application or our dedicated one for more details.

How can PilierSuisse help me optimize my 3rd pillar?

PilierSuisse offers you a detailed and personalized analysis of your needs, helps you compare the various offers on the market, and provides you with expert advice to build a pension plan adapted to your unique situation. In addition, our application allows you to manage and adjust your 3rd pillar easily.

Do you still have questions?

Book an interview with one of our pension advisors or chat online with our Hawk virtual advisor

Comparateur 3ème pilier : comment trouver les meilleures offres

En Suisse, le 3ème pilier joue un rôle clé, en complétant l'AVS (1er pilier) et la prévoyance professionnelle (2ème pilie). Mais saviez-vous que ce type de solution existe sous de formes variées et qu'il existe actuellement plus d'une centaine de sociétés proposant des solutions 3èmes piliers ayant toutes des conditions différentes ?

Face aux diverses options proposées par les banques et les compagnies d'assurance, comparer les offres 3ème pilier s'avère crucial pour trouver l'offre qui correspond le mieux à vos besoins et qui vous permettra de réaliser avec succès vos projets. Grâce à notre comparateur 3ème pilier, il devient possible de comparer les 3èmes piliers et de dénicher les offres les plus avantageuses que cela soit un 3ème pilier en assurance ou en banque.

Pourquoi faire un comparatif 3ème pilier ?

Le choix d'une solution 3ème pilier est une décision financière cruciale qui peut avoir un impact significatif sur votre situation financière future et la réussite de vos projets. Réaliser un comparatif 3ème pilier vous permet de peser facilement les avantages et les inconvénients de diverses offres disponibles sur le marché, garantissant ainsi que vous optez pour l'option qui correspond le mieux à vos objectifs financiers personnels et à votre situation de vie.

Que ce soit en termes de rendements, de flexibilité, de coûts ou de bénéfices fiscaux, un comparatif approfondi vous aide à naviguer parmi les options de prévoyance 3ème pilier, assurant que vous faites le bon choix qui maximisera vos avantages à long terme. En mettant en lumière les différences clés entre les différentes propositions, un comparatif 3ème pilier vous offre les connaissances nécessaires pour faire un choix judicieux, contribuant ainsi à la réussite de vos projets. Pour réaliser un comparatif de 3ème pilier cohérent et choisir la meilleure option, vous devez donc prendre en compte plusieurs critères, notamment :

  • La durée pendant laquelle vous souhaitez épargner sur votre 3ème pilier, est-ce pour la retraite ? Un bien immobilier ? Ou pour un autre projet ?
  • Le niveau de risque souhaité et de quelle manière vous souhaitez investir votre argent
  • Votre situation financière et fiscale

Comparatif 3ème pilier : critères de comparaison

Lors de la comparaison des offres pour le 3ème pilier, plusieurs critères doivent être pris en compte pour s'assurer de choisir l'option la plus adaptée à ses besoins et objectifs financiers. Voici une approche structurée pour comparer efficacement les différentes offres :

  1. Le taux d'intérêt : Un taux plus élevé signifie plus d'argent accumulé au fil du temps.
  2. Les stratégies de placement et les rendements potentiels : Comprendre les différentes stratégies de placement vous aidera à évaluer le potentiel de croissance de votre investissement et le niveau de risque associé.
  3. Le capital prévu à la fin du contrat 3ème pilier : C'est le montant que vous pouvez vous attendre à recevoir à la fin de votre 3ème pilier. Il est crucial de savoir comment votre capital va évoluer.
  4. L'économie d'impôts réalisable : L'un des avantages du 3ème pilier est la possibilité de réduire vos impôts. Comparer chaque option vous permet de maximiser votre économie d’impôts.
  5. Les différents frais et coûts de gestion : Comprendre tous les frais associés à votre plan de prévoyance, y compris les coûts de gestion, vous évitera toute surprise.
  6. Les garanties et avantages éventuels : Certains plans offrent des avantages supplémentaires, comme des assurances ou des garanties spécifiques. Assurez-vous de les prendre en compte.
  7. Les différentes options spécifiques à chaque solution  : Chaque plan a ses particularités. Comprendre ces options peut vous aider à personnaliser votre prévoyance selon vos besoins.


Comprendre toutes ces options de 3ème pilier peut sembler complexe. Heureusement, vous n'avez pas à le faire seul. Avec l'aide d'un comparatif 3ème pilier neutre et l'expertise d'un conseiller en prévoyance, vous pouvez rapidement trouver l'offre qui correspond à vos besoins et objectifs. Nous pouvons facilement vous aider à comprendre les différences et à trouver l'option qui s'aligne parfaitement avec vos objectifs financiers et votre situation personnelle. Avec un peu d'aide, vous serez sur la bonne voie pour trouver la meilleure offre 3ème pilier.

Comparatif des 3èmes piliers classique

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3ème pilier : liste des institutions

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